Property Manager/Board Liason

Join our Growing Team in New Hampshire

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • For all Homeowner and Condo Owners Associations assigned, you will be expected to:
    • Administer the office of HOA/COA/Boards within the organization
    • Maintain contact on a regular basis via telephone, memo, newsletter etc. with all HOA/COA/Boards
    • Coordinate and attend all meetings involving the organization and the HOA/COA/Boards
    • Schedule and coordinate yearly meetings of all HOA/COA/Boards
    • Be responsible for all correspondence between the organization and the HOA/COA/Boards
    • Facilitate problem solving between the organization and the HOA/COA/Boards
    • Provide budgetary information to Portfolio Manager as requested
    • Create and distribute a newsletter and other forms of correspondence to keep HOA/COA/Boards up to date on what is happening with their respective Associations and management
  • Provide strategic information to management concerning  HOA/COA/Boards  relationships
  • Create value added events/promotions to keep the organization at the forefront of the property management curve
  • Other duties deemed necessary to maintaining the successful relationships between HOA/COA/Boards and the organization TPW Management.



  • Strong interpersonal and excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Knowledge in Community Associations with an understanding of Governance, Insurance, Construction, Budgeting, & General Business Operations
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point;
  • Degree in business, marketing, communications or journalism;
  • High level of urgency, excellent organizational skills and detail oriented;
  • A minimum of four years business experience preferably in fast paced environments.