Bonnie Stevens

Customer Service Representative, Stratton

802-297-9400 ext.1030

Bonnie and her husband, Doug, call Vermont “Vacation Land” and think it’s great to work, volunteer, and raise kids here. When their kids were young, Bonnie had a cleaning business; she is still a consultant with MK Cosmetics. After her duties of Mom diminished, she worked at Stratton Mountain for 10 years before joining TPW. Bonnie’s closest neighbors are her two kids and their families. Bonnie and Doug garden, do a little bit of farming, and make electricity with the sun. They are living green, working hard, and loving life in Vermont!

Best Part of Working at TPW: 

Working with coworkers who are intentional about providing a “Let me tell you about my property management company” kind of service for the homeowners. 


Small groups at church, a lively game of “nurf” guns in the backyard, cycling, hiking, kayaking, and snowshoeing and sledding. And very passionate about ice cream. 

Inspired By: 
  • My faith.
  • Multigenerational wisdom and ideas.
  • Good friends.