Dorothy Tully

Customer Service Manager, Stratton

802-297-9400 ext. 1021

After attending U Mass–Boston and working as a professional cook, Dorothy married her high school sweetheart. She was lucky enough to stay home and chase little feet around the house and tame the tantrums of her four adorable children, while also making time to participate on school committees and work as a personal assistant. Her desire to pass along her love of skiing led to family trips to Stratton Mountain, and it’s no surprise that Dorothy now lives in Vermont, where she chases her Berner Cubby across spectacular pastures and snowy fields.

Best Part of Working at TPW: 

Being part of a team that understands and considers the ideas of its members.


Skiing, gardening, hiking, and genealogy. 

Inspired By: 
  • People who make a difference in other people’s lives.
  • The beauty of nature.