Michael G. Schwarz

Customer Service Manager, Upper Valley

802-698-8668 ext. 1601

Mike grew up on the Severn River near Annapolis, where he was involved in Scouts, sailing, and lacrosse and attended catholic schools until college. He has worked in carpentry, bridge construction, timber pier and bulkhead construction, and historic restoration for many years—all while playing bass in rock, country, and bluegrass bands. Mike moved to New England in pursuit of a woman, married her, had children, bought an old schoolhouse, and planted a garden. He joined TPW in 2013.

Best Part of Working at TPW: 

This Upper Valley location has a diverse group of talented individuals; strong teamwork has developed success, achievements, and positive outcomes. This, coupled with the steadfast support by experienced personnel at all TPW locations, has fostered a winning combination. 


Maintaining an optimum degree of quality work, and ethical behavior; to excel as a parent and a husband. My many hobbies/passions include woodworking, playing a musical instrument, art, gardening, housekeeping, big-boat sailing, hiking, snow skiing, traveling, reading, writing, and Scrabble.

Inspired By: 
  • My mother - Great artist, teacher, musician, and homemaker (Dad was amazing too!).
  • My wife - It took me 40 years to discover a gem; she is a marvel of the world.
  • Pope Francis - Blessed be the peacemaker, the teacher, his love for humanity.