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TPW Welcomes Alison Cummings as new Managing Broker of TPW Real Estate in Stratton area; Jessica Citera and Meredith Whatley Realtors

December 15, 2015

Bondville, Vermont –TPW is proud to welcome Alison Cummings as the new Managing Broker of TPW Real Estate in the Stratton area. Prior to joining the real estate industry in 2006, Alison spent 30 years as a ski coach and program director at Stratton.  She owned and operated her own landscape company in the Manchester/Dorset, Vermont area in the off-season.  With time spent in both of those professions, she knows the area inside and out.

TPW Manchester Office

TPW Opens New Real Estate Sales and Rentals Office in Manchester

September 01, 2015

“The Manchester area is a natural fit to our locations throughout the state, which are now both slope side and in gorgeous towns like this one. We’re a local VT real estate company that has been in property management for 25 years.  We understand the life cycle of real estate, and we can serve the homeowner in every step of the process with our high level of service and customer care. From managing vacation rentals to property services, and working with buyers and sellers, we offer an array of services to meet the needs of our community.”