Steve Perry

Community Manager, Upper Valley

802-698-8668 ext. 1607

Originally from southern Maine, Steve moved to the Upper Valley area with his wife in 2013. He started with TPW as a Customer Service Technician in the late winter of 2014 as he was wrapping up his seasonal career as the Zamboni driver for the Woodstock ice arena. He quickly transitioned to a Property Manager and also spent time as the Community Maintenance Manager for the Upper Valley portfolio, as well.

Best Part of Working at TPW: 

The creative freedom to structure my day as I see fit and having the backup and support of the rest of the team if I get buried in emails and appointments.


I spend most of my free time fly-fishing, off-road exploring, and taking care of our chickens.

Inspired By: 
  • My wife.
  • The perfect drift.
  • People who do good things for no reason.